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PostPosted: 18 Mar 2017, 20:44 

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Apologies for the late post, got real life stuff in the way.

Tested the 'test' version of FFC, firstly the same bug still persists; camera gets reset randomly when trying to activate TFC either through console or using the shortcut I mentioned in the reply above. Similarly when in inventory the camera resets randomly. (Please note that the inventory camera reset doesn't affect the game or ruin it in anyway, just shows that the reset bug is there.)
The bug happens quite rarely in general, but when it starts it is very annoying.
It'd be amazing if you could fix this bug, but I feel like it could be a problem from having 100+ mods running - there are bound to be incompatibilities.

More interestingly in the 'test' version there's a new problem.
Another mod ScreenshotPad breaks with the test version, specifically the NUMPAD buttons where you can change your characters position in the XYZ dimensions. (I didn't realize to try to change the ScreenshotPad's bindings at the time, so I assume the test version breaks the NUMPAD functionality.)
This doesn't happen with V7 at all, I was able to get ScreenshotPad to work again by changing the bindings in the .ini file (whilst using the test version), but this messed up the keys used to operate FFC. To fix this I had to completely remove the .ini and .dll files, then move back the V7 version. Originally I just removed the .dll extension from the V7 file and pasted the test .dll in the folder. Reverting back to V7 by renaming the test version and adding the .dll extension to the original didn't fix it. (Not a problem really, but interesting.)
The key binding codes don't seem to correspond with the codes on the site provided in the .ini file and the [KEY BINDINGS] section in the file itself. Eg. in the file roll left is '81' which in game translates to 'Q', but on the site 'Q' is 51. Edit: never mind, I was a dummy and didn't realize the .ini is in DEC and the site is in HEX.
In any case the new test version changes something that affects the NUMPAD behavior in game, because V7 and ScreenshotPad work together perfectly, but test version doesn't.

PostPosted: 29 Mar 2017, 20:01 

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Really cool mod, thanks! :)

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2017, 05:32 

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Hey this is a great mod! Thank you very much for creating it!

I only have one problem, and that's that since the version that unblocks TFC in certain scenarios, the camera continues to be manipulable while menus, like the item or spell menu, are open. This makes changing equipment during TFC very difficult. I use the SKSE version on Oldrim. I don't necessarily need the unblocking functionality, so could there be an option to disable it if fixing it is too difficult?

Thanks again, I love this mod!

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2017, 07:41 

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Please please please consider updating for the newest F4SE. I miss this functionality so much! :)

PostPosted: 23 Sep 2017, 09:24 

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Great mod, thank you! However, SKSE version is not suitable for me for some reasons, and I have troubles, installing ENB version. Could someone please make more detailed guide for installing ENB version? Especially for effect.txt part. I don't think, I'm making this right.

F.e. here start of my effect.txt, where should I put "include" thing and "variable" part?
//#define EBLURRING

        string UIName =  "Enable Letterbox Effect";
    > = {false};
float   XCoord <
   string UIName="Horizontal Pixel Resolution";
   string UIWidget="Spinner";
   float UIMin=0.0;
   float UIMax=7680.0;
> = {1920};

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